High-protein products, i.e. the daily amount of protein in your diet

High-protein products, i.e. the daily amount of protein in your diet

Protein-rich foods are extremely important for the proper functioning of the entire body. High-protein meals, in particular, should be used by physically active people and professional athletes, because their lifestyle requires more nutrients than in people who are moderately active during the day. Nevertheless, protein-rich products should be included in the diet of anyone who wants to eat healthy. What is the daily protein requirement for an adult? Which foods are the most high in protein? When else is it worth reaching for? We answer!

Proteins, or proteins, are one of the most important nutrients necessary in a human diet. They take part in all processes that take place in the body and perform many important functions. This is why it is extremely important to eat a balanced diet that will provide you with the right amount of protein. High-protein products are very readily available and usually everyone will find them in their refrigerator.



The required daily dose of protein depends on many factors, such as: gender, age, body weight, activity during the day, lifestyle and health.

It is generally accepted that the protein content in the diet of a moderately active person during the day should be about 0.9 kg for every kilogram of body weight.


What are the symptoms of a protein deficiency in the body?
There are no typical characteristic symptoms that could clearly state that we are deficient in protein. The most important thing is to keep an eye on the signals your body is sending out. The symptoms of protein deficiency include:

general weakness
increased susceptibility to infections,
deterioration of the skin condition,
brittleness of hair and nails.
These symptoms can actually accompany many ailments, but when you notice them, try eating more high-protein foods first. However, it is important not to go to extremes. Increasing your protein intake doesn’t mean you only have to eat protein right now. The most important thing is to provide your body with a well-balanced amount of calories in the form of white, carbohydrate and fat.